India Trust Vote Results Live from Loksabha Parliament

India Trust Vote Results Live from Loksabha Parliament




UPA is leading the Trust Vote:

The tally reads: 253 (UPA) - 232 (Opposition)

PM's reply at 6.30 pm; trust vote at 7.15 pm

India is going through some tense moments as the Trust vote will happen today to decide the fate of the government - ruling UPA Coalition against opposition NDA + UNPA + CPIM, there are many speculations and number games that are being floated about the outcome and result of this Trust Vote.

Most of the TV News Channels are covering this and are showing Live pictures from Lok Sabha about the debate that is going on in the lower house of the Parliament. Yesterday Pranab, Advani did speak and today Laloo Yadav and Rahul Gandhi and Finance Minsiter are going to speak.

The entire world is watching very keenly about the Trust Vote Results, as the outcome will impact few other nations. There is a mixed response from the people of India about the side they are taking on the No Confidence motion.

Its just like a penalty shoot out or a 20-20 bowl out - its anybodies game at this point of time, if there is a tie then it will be the speaker to decide whom he is going to vote.

TV Channels like NDTV Live, CNN IBN, Star News, ZEE News, DD News, TV9 are covering this topic all the time by giving updates through 24 hours Live news on Lok Sabha proceedings.

For a common man it is very difficult to take sides as the awareness about the INDO-US Nuclear deal is not there - and it is kind of complex to look at the entire picture very clearly. As long as this deal protects India's sovereignty and pride and get us lots of job without spoiling the environment then this should be fine. But no one is giving the exact picture on these issues. May be some non-political learned men must come forward and speak on DD, NDTV, AAj Tak, Star News, ZEE News, CNN IBM, BBC.

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