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Trust vote in Indian Parliament (No Confidence Motion) - Congress Vs CPM - UPA vs NDA+Communists - Numbers game in Lok Sabha by Members of Parilament - MPs



India will soon go through a major climax this tuesday when the ruling Congress led UPA government will face a trust vote. This situation is because of the nuclear deal - the ruling coalition government wants to go the for the deal and the opposition is against it.

Communist party CPIM was supporting the UPA government for more than 4 years now, with elections due in less than a year - this withdrawal of support to UPA from CPIM has led to utter chaos in the political circles in India.

The BJP led main opposition party NDA is also against the deal and is doing its very best to topple the government. Smaller parties at state level who have even 1 seat are in the commanding position because of the tight number situation.

Apparently there is news that lot of horse trading is going on and both Congress and its allies, NDA and its allies + Communists parties are doing their best to keep theirs and their supporting parties folks together.

There are few members of parliament who are in jail and hospital etc, the party leaders who they belong to are doing their best to bring them to the Parliament to participate in the trust vote. Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi is all determined to push the Nuclear Deal and so is the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Speculations about Mayawati from BSP being the PM of India

The ruling party in Uttar Pradesh BSP led by Mayawati is supporting the opposition and Mayawati is doing all she can to brind down the UPA government in India. If the Government loses the trust vote and the entire opposition is united then they may have a chance to form the government and in this case there are indications and some parties are floating the idea of making Mayawati as the Prime Minister of India - even though this will be for a short term.

If this is the case then it will be an history for independent India since she will be the first Dalit Prime Minister of India.

Political heat is increasing and gaining momentum with small parties are holding on to the cards till the last minute. The people of India are not clear about the pros and cons of this Nuclear deal. In other countries opposition political parties come together in war like situations, in India they are coming together to bring down the government.

Anyways, I am very eager to see the result of this trust vote. If Congress led UPA wins the trust vote then we will be seeing a lot of initiatives from them and also aggressiveness in going to the people for the next year's general elections in 2009.

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