Beijing Olympics 2008 LIVE China Opening Ceremony Schedule

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2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Schedule
- LIVE From China
Today we will get started with the world biggest sporting event - Yes it is the Olympics - the largest gathering of sports with players, officials, managers, TV and Media crew from all over the world.

China is hosting the Olympic games for the first time - and the Chinese Olympic officials did everything to make it a grand success, with so much of economy boom in China these games have become a pride for Chinese people as they open up to the world and show how beautiful China and Beijing is.

As you all know we get Olympics once in 4 years and the best part of these games (other than watching the individual sporting events) are going to be the opening ceremony and closing ceremony. So Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony date and time will be today 08 08 08 at 08:08:08 PM (i.e., 8PM Chinese time on 8th of August 2008) - what a combination of the date and time to have the Olympic Games started.

All the times mentioned are Chinese Standard Time - CST.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games will start on 8th AUG and will continue till 24th of AUG 2008. The closing ceremony of these games will be on the 24th of AUG.

Kindly see at the top for the Beijing Olympic Games Logo. The official website of these games is: and is in English.

Most of the main TV channels will be telecasting the opening ceremony Live. Note: China time is GMT + 8 hours.

I came across one site - this site has all information about the games and apparently they cover the event LIVE - with detailed Olympic schedule and daily medals tally of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals to participating nations. Also covered is the results of individual sport and game events.

Enjoy these 15+ days of LIVE Olympics coverage.


Michael said...

Yes, it was a great start to the worlds biggest sporting event.

Now that the opening ceremony is complete it will be very interesting to see the results of these games.

For more information on Beijing games check out

Beijing Olympic Games Results and Schedule

Sphurthy Ravindra said...

India made history today by winning its first ever individual Gold Medal for India. 25 year old shooter Abhinav Bindra has won 10m Air Rifle Gold in the undergoing Beijing Olympics in China.

Join Me To Congratulate Abhinav Bindra for his effort in winning GOLD Medal for India