Kerala Post Matric Scholarship Application Details

Kerala Post Matric Scholarship and Merit Cum Means Scholarship Details from and from

Kerala Post Matric Scholarship details for application are available and also the Merit Cum Means Scholarship scheme as per the Kerala government. The details are available on the website of Kerala College Education at

Here are some important links regarding this:

Post Matric Scholarship

Merit Cum Means Scholarship

Please Check here for Online Registration of Post Metric Scholarship

Previous Important Notification for students aspiring for these Scholarships:
Student Registration will close at 5 P.M on 15 August 2009. All students who have submitted their applications on-line have to submit the manual application along with Web Registration Printout (WRP) to the Head of the Institution.

Please download the application forms from here:

And here is the related notification:

Note: The Institutions which are not having user Id may send an e-mail to

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mani said...

i am doing P.G M.SC mathematics in pondicherry central university.i have scored in 10th(426/500)12th(906/1200)in U.G 87.5%.