GST white paper on goods and service tax

Discussion on GST white paper - goods and service tax in India

People with interest on tax related matter can take a look at the following white paper from the government of India, this is related to the First Discussion paper on Goods and Service Tax in India. Entire white paper can ne downloaded from the following site:

The GST paper for discussion was released on 10th November by the The Empowered Committee Of State Finance Ministers New Delhi .

Some key topics covered in this white paper:

  • Value Added Tax at the Central and the State level
  • Justification of GST
  • Preparation for GST
  • Goods & Services Tax Model For India
  • Salient features of the GST model
  • Central and State Taxes to be subsumed under GST
  • Inter-State Transactions of Goods and Services
  • GST Rate Structure
  • Constitutional Amendments, Legislations and Rules for administration of CGST and SGST
  • Harmonious structure of GST and the States’ autonomy in a Federal Framework
  • Need for compensation during implementation of GST
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on GST

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