Kerala SSLC Exam Grading System

As you know the Kerala 2014 SSLC Exam results are declared recently, and here is an update on the Grading system that will be adopted to grade the students. 

Please download and read the previous years notification in this matter to know more on this Kerala SSLC Grading system and marking patterns.

Also see the Kerala +2 Grading System.

I scored this many marks what will be my grade in SSLC Exams? - see below.

Grade - % of Marks - Grade Value - Result

A+ 90% to 100% Grade Value 9 Outstanding

A 80% to 89% Grade Value 8 Excellent

B+ 70% to 79% Grade Value 7 Very Good

B 60% to 69% Grade Value 6 Good

C+ 50% to 59% Grade Value 5 Above Average

C 40% to 49% Grade Value 4 Average

D+ 30% to 39% Grade Value 3 Marginal

D 20% to 29% Grade Value 2 Need Improvement

E Below 20% Grade Value 1 Need Improvement

For admissions to Higher Education D+ Grade is needed with C.E. Marks and T.E Marks, kindly refer to the official rules in this regard.

Check your 2013 SSLC results here:

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Akhil P M said...

I'm 2007 batch of i need to calculate my percentage of my sslc this same grading system are used in 2007.? Grade A is between 80-90. what value will be taken at the time of adding? is 85.? and i want to know the individual marks of subjects(mainly p,c,m)and what will be the total mark when adding all subjects together.

Thanks in Advance