AP SSC Absolute Grading System

Check you AP SSC, 10th class Grade

As you all know 2014 10th class SSC results from AP are now announced and it is important for the students to know their outcome. Recently we have seen some changes in the way these results are announced from SSC Board AP. They have introduced a grading system for publishing the results and here is the classification of the grading system based on the actual marks range and percentage range.

Details of AP SSC Absolute Grading System for 2013-2014 for General Category, please refer to http://bseap.org for details on other categories and more information.

Grades     Range total
A1     600 - 550
A2     549 - 499
B1     498 - 448
B2     447 - 397
C1     396 - 346
C2     345 - 295
D1     294 - 245
D2     244 - 195
E      194 and below

Grades Marks total
A1     92-100
A2     83-91
B1     75-82
B2     67-74
C1     59-66
C2     51-58
D1     43-50
D2     35-42
E      34-0

WH Means Result With Held for want of information
MP Means Malpractice
CP Means Compartmental passed
AB Means Absent for all Papers

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