Time Schedule for Kerala Scholarships renewal

Dear students here is some important information related to the upcoming time schedule for renewals of different online scholarship programmes by the department of collegiate education, Government of Kerala. These include Post Matric Scholarships (PMS) and District Merit Scholarships (DMS). The latest notifications on these are expected to be updated on this page http://dcescholarship.kerala.gov.in/dce/notification/index_noti.php

Important information on Kerala Online Scholarships:

Time Schedule for Post Matric Scholarships, PMS renewal

1. Online registration of the application by students from 24/05/2012 to 29/05/2012

2. Submission of registration printout and documents to the institution by the student from 24/05/2012 to 30/05/2012

3. Completion of verification and approval by the institution from 24/05/2012 to 31/05/2012

4. Last date of Receipt of registration printout and supporting documents of approved applications by the Institutions to Special officer for Scholarships in case of recognized unaided institutions in Kerala - 14/06/2012

Time Schedule for District Merit Scholarships, DMS Renewal 2011-12

1. Online registration of the application by the students 30/5/2012
2. Submission of application and required documents by students: 30/05/2012 
3. Completion of verification by Institutes: 31/05/2012
4. Last date of receipt of registration print out and supporting documents - 6/6/2012

SJMS 2011-12 Renewal Reopening Time Schedule

Instructions for PMS Scholarship renewal:


Other useful information:
Kerala online Scholarship - Previous Year Details

Help Desk Numbers: 9446096580; 0471-3270202; 0471-2326580
For any queries please send mail to dcescholarship@gmail.com

1.Scholarship Office, Department of Collegiate Education : 0471-2326580
2.Directorate of Collegiate Education : 0471-2303107

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