JEE Main Normalization Procedure for Class XII Board Marks

There is lot of curiosity among students about the Engineering Joint Entrance Examination and the JEE-Main normalization process that is being adopted based on the Class XII board marks obtained, here is the clarification as released by JEE Interface Group (JIG) at the following location:

The above link has the detailed procedure for normalization of Board marks, the following steps and formula's explain the same:
  • Aggregate marks (A0) obtained by each student in JEE - Main
  • Compute the percentile (P) of each student on the basis of aggregate marks in his/her own board (B0)
  • JEE - Main aggregate marks corresponding to percentile (P) - B1
  • JEE - Main aggregate marks corresponding to percentile (P) among the set of aggregate scores obtained in the JEE - Main - B2
The normalized board score of the candidate will be computed as:  
B Final = 0.5 * (B1 + B2)

For admission to CFTIs 

C = 0.6 * A0 + 0.4 * B final

More on Normalization FAQ and example's illustrating the procedure:

The following subjects will be considered for this normalization process: 
1. Physics
2. Mathematics
3. Any one of the subjects Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Computer Science
4. One language
5. Any subject other than the above four subjects. In respect of 3, 4 and 5, the best mark in a given category will be chosen

For any clarifications on this, kindly contact via email to:

JEE Main All India Ranks will be declared on July 01, 2013.
CSB JEE Schedule

Please read about the Public Notice issued by CBSE JEE for Polytechnic/Engineering Diploma Holder Applicants of JEE (Main) 2013

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