University of Delhi New Four Year Programme

Good news for students who have passed class 12th examination, University of Delhi has come up with a new four year Under Graduate Programme the details of which can be found below. The approval notice for the same is also available on Delhi Universities website at

Here are the details for this programme including the application process, Guide, FAQ on this new stuff and Admission Schedule for the same, this is being issued under different Pamphlet that are available to download online. All students will be provided free laptops in first year :)

Check here for the latest updates and enrollment for this program.

Pamphlet A - Guide for Prospective Student

Pamphlet B - Four Year Subject Choices

Pamphlet C - Admission Schedule for 2013

Presentation - Complete Guide to New Four Year UG Programme

The composition of this 4 years is mentioned below:
First Year 

Main/Major Subject (Bachelor’s Honours / B.Tech degree) - 33% - DC-I
Foundation Courses - 67% weightage - FC

Second Year 

Main/Major Subject - 34% - DC-I
Foundation Courses - 34% weightage - FC
Minor Subject - 16% - DC-II
Applied Courses - 16%

Third Year 

Main/Major Subject - 60%
Minor Subject - 20%
Applied Courses - 20%

Fourth Year 

Main/Major Subject - 75%
Minor Subject - 20%

At the end of Fourth year you can obtain Bachelor's Honors / BTech Degree.

DU admission registration:

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